To dream of freedom in this world
Our banners flying proudly are unfurled
Even if we stand alone we must never hide
For in our hearts there is a sense of pride

For the blood and honour
For the blood and for the pride
For the blood and honour
We must never let our Europe be taken for a ride

We look with caution to the east
We can see the red flag on the beast
Countless millions have died at the Marxists’ hands
We would fight and die to keep our land


instrumental break


Marxists’ greedy hands around our throats
Bankers buying up your lives and sitting back to gloat
We should fight to control our people’s fate
Europe never was no puppet state

(chorus x3)


It’s 8 a.m. and your day has nearly started
You must be at the office dead on nine
Hey Mr. 9-to-5 it’s just another day
And you must have done the same so many times

Reach the office, you sit down and have a cup of tea
Read the paper and tut-tut at the news
The enemies of this country are marching on our streets
But you don’t care so long as they don’t touch you

Hey Mr., Mr. 9-to-5
Won’t you tell me what you think of life?
Think of all the things that you have missed
Don’t you want much more from life than this?

Pick your daughter up from school and take her home with you
You wonder why she’s looking bored and down
You wonder where it was that you went wrong, when she turns ’round and says
“Well I hope I never turn out like you”


Don’t be too late, don’t miss the train
We gotta get a result, Lord what a pain, what a game
We gotta keep fighting, we gotta walk tall
We gotta stick together, and then march forward, one and all

Don’t be too late, never hold back when your land’s at stake
Don’t be too late, the man who holds back has got to be a fake
Don’t be too late, people ’round here are never gonna run
Don’t be too late, well they can’t complain when their time has come

On the streets of Britain, they’re trying to grind us down
Government pressure, communist foes all around
We will keep fighting, the sheep behind their doors
It’s just another battle, in a private British war, we’re fighting for

(chorus) x3


Democracy won’t stand the test of time
Unemployment and a rising rate of crime
Will you stay or will you go?
When the time comes you will have to know
Are you gonna stand and fight for your race?

When the storm breaks, which way will you go?
When the storm breaks, you will have to know
When the storm breaks, what you gonna do?
When the storm breaks, can we count on you?

“Predictable” is what I once said to you
Did you listen, no you laughed like a pack of fools
Now you can see what fools you were
You had the chance but you blew it
Now you’re gonna face the storm and fight in it


All the papers, the radio and TV
Never known them to tell the truth to me
Only there to brainwash you their way
Got to learn to ignore them everyday


He stuck up for his country, but he didn’t like the cost
The European brother war, and lives were being lost
He saw the grieving mothers whose sons could not be found
He wanted peace to stop the endless coffins on the ground

He got up on one morning and he went out to his plane
He said good-bye to his wife, but doubts were in his brain
To sue for peace was his idea in 1941
But the bankers’ grip was oh so tight, and the chance for peace was gone

Free Rudolf Hess
How long can they keep him there? We can only guess
I said free Rudolf Hess
How long can they keep him there? We can only guess

He never realized that day that chivalry had died
Britain was in alien hands but at least a man had tried
Forty years is a long long time in a prison cell to be
And I feel ashamed at the sentence passed on a man who wanted peace


And now the situation has changed in many ways
The Allies want to let him go, they’ve decided he has paid
The Red scum in the Kremlin with their kosher values try
To keep a proud man locked away until the day he dies


He’s a prisoner of peace
Kept there at the will of the Marxists in the east
He’s a prisoner of peace
Kept there at the wishes of the Marxists in the east


You over-run my country, with your blood and steel
Never thought to ask us, how it made us feel
Cutting down our people, we never had no hope
We stood against your bullets, but we could never cope

You can’t understand and you won’t understand our land
I said you can’t understand and you won’t understand our land

You tried to take our manhood, you tried to steal our pride
You made our people suffer, you took us for a ride
We got ourselves a union, to try to air our voice
When it started speaking, you smashed it like a toy


Don’t understand our culture, don’t understand our lives
Don’t understand our suffering, don’t understand our strife


I said we don’t want you here, with your tanks and your fear, get out
Why don’t you leave, and let out country breathe, right now

Poland, Reds out of Poland
Poland, Reds out of Poland
Poland, Reds out of Poland
Poland, Reds out of Poland


You tell me what you’d like to do, but I don’t want to know
My only interest is today, and where we want to go
We need the people to awake, and fight for us right now
‘Cos we will never be enslaved by the six point master plan

Tomorrow is always too late
We should never sit around and wait
Tomorrow is always too late
Get out there and do something today

Our enemies are capitalists, communists as well
Both these forms of evil are raining our death-knell
We salute the troops of yesterday, who fought the Marxist plague
And we will carry on your fight as the white men of today


We must remain true to our cause, for comrades thrown in gaol
For their sake and sacrifice, we must never fail
For Crane and Pearce and Kuehnen too, and Eriksson as well
For the lonely man in Spandau, our efforts they must tell



Walk around the city and you hold your head up high
The sheep they’ll try and drag you down with their aggression and their lies
Your life is just a struggle ‘cos you’re proud of your country
But you just keep on fighting, that’s the way it’s gotta be

People try and put you down and stamp you to the ground
They don’t seem to realise there’s no way you’ll back down
There is nothing they can do to step on you and me
‘Cos we’ll just keep on fighting, that’s the way it’s gotta be

instrumental break

We’ll just keep on fighting, that’s the way it’s gotta be.

They’ll always put the blame on you and tell the public lies
But we’ll be here a long long time ‘cos the spirit never dies
We’ll speak our minds, we’ll fly our flags, we’ll fight for victory
We’ll just keep on fighting, that’s the way it’s gotta be
Yeah, we’ll just keep on fighting, that’s the way it’s gotta be
I say, we’ll just keep on fighting, that’s the way it’s gotta be


You’re walking along a wind-swept seafront with the cold north wind in your hair
You’re looking out over the restless sea all you ever seem to do is stare
Over there beyond the white-flecked waves and the mist that spoils your view
Like a jewel in the sea is your country of old, the place that means everything to you
You may like the place that you’re living in now but the place you really want to be
Is your country of birth, yeah the place you grew up, the jewel in the sea

Back to the jewel in the sea
The place that means everything to me
A land that is beautiful and free
Back to the jewel in the sea

You’re wondering you ever went away, you’re missing everything you’ve known
Silly little things like the lake down in the park and wondering if the trees have grown
You miss the food and the friendly atmosphere, the morning papers and the tea
You’re getting homesick ‘cos you’re thinking back, of the jewel in the sea


instrumental break


You’ve made up your mind, go down the travel agency and book a ticket on the plane
You’re happier now than you’ve been for several years, ‘cos you’re going back home again
You’ve been a traveler for quite a few years, but you’re going where you want to be
Back to the place where you were born and bred, back to the jewel in the sea



Daily papers, black headlines, won’t you tell us all the news?
Young girl raped and an old one mugged, and the police look for clues
Soldiers killed in County Down
A lord is killed at terrorists’ hands

One fine day
More bad news is on the way
One fine day
One fine day.

Soccer season starts again, we’re gonna hit the violent trail
People hurt as violence flares, it’s politics again
A caravan is someone’s tomb
They’re killed in their sleep by poison fumes


instrumental break


Moroccans lose a hundred men in a terrorist attack
They’re gonna promise everyone, to make sure they hit back
Drugs are found by cops in Spain
And hundreds are killed in floods and rain



I never stop looking
I’m gonna have more now
Wish someone could tell me
What I’m looking for now.

Will I ever find what I’m looking for?
All I need is for someone to open that door

I wish someone could tell me
What I have to find now
Can’t find what I’m hunting
Want to use my mind now


Well I’m searching, trying hard to find out
Searching, trying to ease my mind now

Live with constant hassle
Don’t you wonder why now
Always keep you searching
All the day and night now


Searching, trying hard to find now
Searching, trying to ease my mind now


He’s the kind of man who sticks his job for the money that he gets
He don’t spend his money at the pub or making bets
Goes down town, goes in the bar and makes his contact there
He gets the gear, he takes a shot, and his eyes begin to stare

‘Cos he’s a junkie, needle-man
Needs the kicks, don’t give a damn
Yeah a junkie, needle-man
Needs the kicks, don’t give a damn

He’s getting weaker everyday but he has to keep his job
He’ll get no more money on the day he has to stop
One day at work he feels so bad that he falls down on the floor
The boss he assures he don’t abuse but he throws him out the door


instrumental break


They find him dying on the floor, yeah he’s lying on his back
He’s covered in newspapers and a dirty ripped-up sack
The dawn it breaks, the rain it falls, but the young man doesn’t live
He gave his life to pills and syringes, and had nothing left to give



Open up your eyes
You are in for such a surprise
You have no idea what’s a goin’ on
You’re just being used, yeah once again

Open up your eyes
Tell me can you see now?
Open up your eyes
Can you see clearly?

Tell me why you’re doing what you do
Is it someone else now, or is it you?
You tell me you aren’t in it for the wealth
But you’re just there for the profit, yeah and nothing else


The left-wing and their minions using you
I tell you now there must be something you can do
At least my self-respect remains with me
‘Cos I don’t pretend that I’m something I can’t be

You have got to try and own your own life
You keep yours, yeah, and I’m gonna try for mine
You look around and then you realize
You see so many people in a different light

(chorus) x2


I’ve been sitting ’round here waiting for somebody’s call
I hope it comes off quickly ‘fore the winter starts to fall
We gotta get going quickly, and we got to come on strong
I know just what I want, and I’ll get it before too long

I’m taking heed of Europe’s call
Before the winter starts to fall
I’m taking heed of Europe’s call.

I’ve been waiting bleedin’ soft, in my gloomy room
Got no money to get out, now got to break out from this tomb
I know exactly what I’ll do, and baby you can’t say I’m wrong
I know just what I want, and I’ll get it before too long


instrumental break


Everyday is getting worse and I’m feeling down and blue
You’ve got to realize the importance of this move
Gotta break out from my thoughts, I’ve gotta try to carry on
I know just what I want, and I’ll get it before too long


Europe’s calling!

[bonus tracks on B&H cd]


Waiting for the weekend, on a left-wing afternoon
Reds are gonna lose their power, skinheads gonna call the tune
Pushing through the Red scum, feeling pretty good
The pride of being White men, go for commie blood

All that pent up anger that goes pouring through your head
Streetfight in the city, the Reds are gonna end up dead
Alright now!

The time is nearly here, the tension starts to build
Communists all over, Jubilee Gardens are all filled
Reds are pretty worried about the skinheads at the show
Sheep they fly their Red flag, but the skinheads have their own (White Power!)


instrumental break



What a time we had on Friday night
What a bird you went with, what a sight
And you made excuses for her face

With the usual drinks on the Friday night
Gotta get a girl ‘cos time is tight
But the world looks different today

Friday, pay day, good night, I’ll say
Friday, a good night
Friday, is all right

Wake up on a Saturday, wonder what’s your fate
Gotta face the trial from your mates
But for that you didn’t really care

Said you’d see her again, what have you done
When you see her face you just want to run
Reckon you’re on fruit juice from now on


(chorus 2)
Friday, Friday night now
Friday, Friday night now
Friday, Friday night now
Friday, Friday night now!


(chorus 2)

Goin’ out on Friday, pickin’ up your raise
Gonna hit the pub, you’ve had a real hard day
Forgotten what you did last week

Get into the pub order up a drink
Feeling better now you get a second one
Action replay’s in the cards again